We've got all kinds of great information on our properties, including new pictures, links to state sites and even weather reports for each of the states we offer hunts in.

Welcome to Beech Ridge Outfitters, your "hometown" hunting consultants.
We offer affordable, fair chase, hunting opportunities on private property throughout North America, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Mexico.

We're your hosts, Scott and Wendy Heatley from North-Central Pennsylvania. We started Beech Ridge Outfitters in March of 2006 at the request of our friend, in the outdoor industry, Jason Michael. Since that time we have grown from representing landowners in three states to currently offering hunts in four states as well as Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Mexico.

We are currently booking hunts in Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, and Kansas. Depending on where you want to hunt, we offer whitetail deer, coues deer, moose, caribou, black bear, and three sub species of the wild turkey. We also offer world class fishing in Newfoundland and vacation cabin rentals in Idaho, Ohio and New York.

We are proud to offer fair chase hunts. In that our hunts are all fair chase hunts, there are NO animal harvest guarantees. There are many aspects that are out of our control which include, but are not limited to, the weather, wild game movement and hunter ability (to name a few). We hope that all our clients have an opportunity to be successful and by working with quality outfitters and landowners who do not over-hunt their properties, we believe your chances for a successful hunt are increased.

Our services are provided "with no additional or hidden costs" to you, the hunter. Our fees are received from the property owner/outfitter.

We continue to expand our land owner base as well. So, whether you're looking for a hunt, or looking to get hunters onto your property, why not give us a try? We are sure that you will enjoy your hunting adventure with Beech Ridge Outfitters and we invite you to come with us and
"Experience the Wildlife".

Scott is an official measurer for the Pope and Young Club, and is always available to measure your trophies for entry into the Pope and Young record books.

All bookings need to include a signed "Waiver of Claims". Please take a moment to download, print and complete the waiver and mail it along with your booking fees. Thank you

Beech Ridge Outfitters is always growing!!!
Please be sure to check our web site on a regular basis to learn of all our new properties, hunting opportunities and merchandise!

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